20″ Space

Since changed my Philips 17″ 107T Flat CRT monitor to Dell’s 2007WFP 20″ UltraSharp Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor, no only my PC’s desktop, even my writing table have more space now!

The Philips’ 107T still in excellent condition (this monitor is realyy excellent!) and serve me well over past 4 years, few months ago I decided to send it back to my home in JB, to replace the 15″-small-poor-old-fisheye-style CRT monitor. I think my 107T is much more better for my nieces and family to use, not only the excellent colors and crisp display, but the bigger and clearer display for the kids. Hope my 107T can continue to serve my nieces as good as the past, thanks Philips’ 107T!

Then my new display, 20″ widescreen LCD from Dell, as their technology’s name, “Ultrashrap“!!! I love it so far, big space, finally my Photoshop can have more work space to work on. And enjoy those widescreen movie, excellent! Finally can have more space on my table as the old CRT always occupied most of the space. Althought I read some of the Dell’s buyers complaints about problems on Dell’s LCD, but fortunately, my panel works fine and it’s excellent! So far sooooooo good!

Me, enjoying~! 🙂

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