Wayne Rooney : Pride | Manchester is Red

Manchester United’s rival Manchester City hired the artist behind Barack Obama’s famous ‘Hope’ campaign poster, Shephard Fairey to create a new Carlos Tevez poster (‘Have you got Pasión?’ ) ahead of Manchester derby (April 17, 2010). United won 1-0 and that inspired me to create “Wayne Rooney | Machester is red” poster as the respond to City Click… Continue reading Wayne Rooney : Pride | Manchester is Red

Man Utd 2009-2011 New Home Kits

Not sure how true is this but this is look real (so far…) compare to other rumours version. If this is real, I guess Nike going to redesign this poster as Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid for £80m and Carlos Tevez looks likely the next to leave Old Trafford. The new Nike shirt design looks… Continue reading Man Utd 2009-2011 New Home Kits

[Wallpaper] Ryan Giggs : True Red

[ Jan 11, 2009] I just finished a new RyanGiggs.cc wallpaper and it is available for download now! The new wallpaper, Ryan Giggs – True Red, same theme as his own DVD movie, is dedicated to Ryan Giggs for his 18 years excellent career at Manchester United, and he still playing an important role in… Continue reading [Wallpaper] Ryan Giggs : True Red


隔了半年多之久,才写我在今年三月底到雪邦一级方程式赛车媒体中心工作的感想。全因为本人文笔太烂(文字阻塞症再次发作。。。),停停写写,写写停停,本想干脆不写了,但又觉得这是今年较为难忘的经验,所以还是硬着头皮,“破破烂烂”的写完了,呵呵~ 以下,便是我的《一级回忆录》。。。