Keep Going! • Champion!

MALAYSIA Thomas Cup Team (Clockwise from top left) :
Lee Chong-Wei; Wong Choong-Hann; Mohd Hafiz B. Hashim; Kuan Beng-Hong; Choong Tan-Fook & Lee Wan-Wah; Chan Chong-Ming & Koo Kien-Keat
Malaysia quest to 2006 Thomas Cup final ends when lose 3-2 in semi-final against Denmark.

Without skipper, Wong Choong-Hann, who injured in quarter-finals wins over Korea, Malaysia force to field inexperience youngster, Kuan Beng-Hong as 3rd single player. Although the team have another failure tournament, but the positive side is, we saw the team’s spirit and hardworks. They tried their best to compete with the opponents and never give up! The Malaysian supporters in Japan also deserve credits, their supports really boost the players’ confidents and spirit.

We fail this time, but we hope the national team will learn the lessons and valueable experinces, to challenge the Thomas Cup title again!

At last, thanks for all the efforts and hardworks to our Malaysia Badminton Team! We proud of you!

Champions! (Clockwise from top left) : Bao Chun-Lai & Lin Dan; Xie Xing-Fang & Zhang Ning; China’s Uber Cup Winning Team; China’s Thomas Cup Winning TeamCongraturation to China! They crown the double as they win both Thomas & Uber Cup! They are the favourites of the tournament and proved they deserved to be the champions! Great skill, great tactic, great teamworks & great spirit saw China again ready to dominant the badminton title again after strong wins over rivals like Indonesia & Denmark. With the quality of their games, Malaysia need extra hardwork to make sure they able to compete to the giant, China.

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