Lady Kidnapped!

UPDATES, Nov 29: Dora was released. She is safe and now in hospital undergoing examination.


At around 09:15 a.m. today (28 November 2007), a girl was kidnapped at Glenmarie (Selangor) area. She was kidnapped by 3 Chinese guys, one of them is fat and another one is thin and tall. They drove a silver color Toyota Camry with plate number 7641.

For anyone who manage to find the car or eye-witnessed the case, please report to police or contact +60123515248.

This case is true (already logged a police report) as I already confirmed it with the phone number’s owner.

Please help to tell your friends and relatives about this case so that everyone of us can help to find back the girl. Thank you very much.

The following are the details of the girl:
– 25 years old.
– about 163 cm height
– Chinese
– hair color is brown, half long
– skin color is fair
– pretty
– name is Dora Goh

今天(28 November 2007)早上 09 点 15 分,一个女孩在 Glenmarie (雪兰莪)附近被绑架。她是被 3 个华裔男子绑架的,其中一个身材肥胖、另外一个则比较高瘦。匪徒当时是驾驶一辆银色Toyota Camry ,车牌号码是 7641

如果您或您的朋友成功找到该辆匪车或您是该绑架案的目击者,请到临近的警局报案或致电 +60123515248



– 25岁
– 大概 163 公分的身高
– 华裔
– 头发的颜色是褐色,半长
– 肤色白皙
– 漂亮
– 名字叫做 Dora Goh

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