The 1st mobile phone with iTunes

Apple introducing iTunes for your mobile phone. With iTunes on your Motorola ROKR, you can listen to music on your mobile phone, wherever, whenever you want.

It Rings and Sings
With iTunes for your mobile phone, your songs live right alongside your contacts. Think of it as musical multitasking. Hear a selection of your favorite tunes while sending text messages, taking pictures or checking your email. Listen through the included stereo headphones or out loud on the ROKR’s speakers. You can even pause the music when your phone rings, so you won’t miss any incoming calls.

As Easy As It Sounds
The Motorola ROKR’s handy iTunes menu interface lets you scroll through your playlists, select a song and play it — complete with any accompanying album art. You can even shuffle songs right from the main menu. And putting your music on the ROKR is as easy as syncing to iTunes, the world’s best digital jukebox. Just connect the ROKR to your Mac or PC, then choose the songs you want to sync or let iTunes choose them for you — autofilling your phone with a random selection from your iTunes music library.

Will you buy it? I don’t think I will…

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