[Wallpaper] Ryan Giggs : True Red

[ Jan 11, 2009] I just finished a new RyanGiggs.cc wallpaper and it is available for download now! The new wallpaper, Ryan Giggs – True Red, same theme as his own DVD movie, is dedicated to Ryan Giggs for his 18 years excellent career at Manchester United, and he still playing an important role in… Continue reading [Wallpaper] Ryan Giggs : True Red

Ryan Giggs : The Icon!

Ryan Giggs, 你一直是我的偶像. 你在英超联赛最后一场对垒Wigan射入至胜球时, 我(你的球迷)都为你高兴和欢呼! 当你捧上你个人在曼联第十个英超奖杯时, 更为你感到骄傲!